Puppy School

An 8 week training programme

  Hilltop’s Puppy School is an 8-week programme that:

– Trains your puppy in basic commands like recall, sit and stay

– Normalises your puppy being around a variety of other dogs, teaching them social skills like how to greet dogs and ‘polite play’

– Tackles separation anxiety, helping your puppy build confidence and resilience being outwith the family home

– Helps your puppy develop life skills e.g being a confident traveller, being trusting of caregivers, forging bonds and friendships with other puppies and dogs

Attendance Options: 

Puppies enrol for either a half day or full day of Puppy School per week.

For puppies attending a half day owners drop-off & pick-up. Doggy bus is available for puppies attending a full day; picking up from Galashiels, Hawick, Selkirk, Melrose, St Boswells and all surrounding villages.  

Rest & Reward:

As well as play, socialisation, training and fun, your puppy is properly rested at set intervals to prevent over exercise on developing joints and exhaustion. Your puppy will be fed a packed lunch in their own dedicated rest crate and observed at all times by our qualified team.

On completion of Hilltop Puppy School, your puppy will attend their own graduation ceremony, receive a keepsake school portrait and certificate celebrating the occasion!

Prices & Enrolment: 

Hilltop’s Puppy School is booked in a block of 8 sessions – either full days or half days. 

Full days are priced at £30 per day / £240 in total for the programme, or £22 per half day / £176 in total for the programme. 

To enrol, puppies must be at least 16 weeks old, and fully vaccinated with all core vaccines.