Our Facilities

The perfect playground for your dog

Hilltop is the largest doggy day care in the Scottish Borders – an entirely purpose-built site, expertly designed exclusively for dogs and puppies. 

Fully secure – with dig-proof and jump-proof fences – Hilltop offers 8 acres of freedom for your dog to play, interact, learn, train and enjoy time with their friends.

All our facilities are supervised and maintained by our team of skilled and experienced Doggy Day Care Supervisors, ensuring a safe environment with a focus on fun.

Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden is a unique and natural space, combining a wide variety of sensorial activities such as sand pits, bark pits, a meadow with seasonal wildflowers, paddling pools, funky dog house and our ever-famous caterpillar tunnels!

Sensory stimulation is enriching for all breeds of dog and in the summer months the garden really does come alive with planters full of dog-friendly herbs that make for a sniff-worthy experience.

Minto Field

Minto View is a safe and secure playground, designed to let dogs be dogs! Boasting an acre of lush grass, including landscaped areas of wild grasses that inspire interest and intrigue, Minto Field encourages dogs’ innate behaviours to shine.

The inclusion of a large all weather play tunnel, bark pits, carved stumps, benches and raised platforms means your dog is thoroughly entertained and exercised. Minto Field is now also available to hire via our partnership with Run Free.

Agility Field

Designed to provide both physical and mental stimulation, the agility field has a wide array of exciting obstacles and challenges for dogs of all sizes and energy levels.

From jumps and weave poles, raised platforms and bespoke wooden benches, it’s the perfect play space for dogs to enhance their agility, balance, and problem-solving skills; all under the watchful eye and encouragement of the Hilltop team.

Puppy Field

The smallest of our fields – for obvious reason! – this is a space for puppies and adolescent dogs to gently socialise; building confidence and life skills as they go.

Immediately adjacent to our heated Doggy Barn, the Puppy Field ensures that a day spent at Hilltop goes at your puppy’s pace, with ample time for rest and relaxation in the Barn when needs be. 

Playing Field

At just over an acre in size, Playing Field is another one of our jumbo secure fields and much-loved by dogs who enjoy sprinting, chasing and – of course – zoomies!

Areas of unmown meadow grass creates intrigue and interest for breeds like terriers, whereas a charming wooden hut and veranda means dogs who enjoy spectating can join in the fun from the comfort of sidelines or sunbathe on our selection of mini cabana beds.

Grassland Walk

The only doggy day care in Scotland to offer this facility, Hilltop also features an entirely private, fully fenced grassland walk – offering a meandering and picturesque stroll across 3 acres peppered with over 500 native trees, including a large and resplendent ancient oak, which is home to wild birds and other wildlife. 

During the day, in pairs or 1-on-1, day care dogs enjoy lead walks through this space; adding further variety and diversity to their day at Hilltop. 

Doggy Barn

Doggy Barn

A large indoor space that’s cosy and dry for our dogs (and Day Care Supervisors!) to enjoy, the Doggy Barn offers a wet weather option should the wind, rain or snow make the outdoors less appealing.

Complete with a doggy lounge – where everyone is invited up on the sofa – the Barn offers something of a party atmosphere; helped by our ever-popular and colourful ball pit and selection of indoor games including scentwork puzzles.